Monday, November 9, 2009

Tide Stain Release In wash Boost Pac

On a recent trip to the Walmart Supercenter I picked up a pack of Tide Stain Release In Wash Boost Pacs. The only reason for this purchase was because I had a coupon for it. So , I decided that on my next laundry day I was going to find out just how well these nifty little orange fluid and white powder sacs work.

These are very new along with a whole line of Tide Stain Release products. I am going to try the liquid stain release once I'm done with these pacs. Look for that post soon as I dont think this ten pack will last long in a house of 5. Onto the details of the particular package I bought. I was a little disappointed because well the package wasn't that big ,but then again do we ever get anything of substance for the price it is labeled. I think not in this economy. Well, I purchased the bag of 10 for $3.97 with a coupon for a dollar off bringing my total cost to $2.97 not bad.

I snagged a 7.7 oz package it only contained 10 pacs :( the plus side is that they smell really good:) Us moms love the smell good stuff.These little packs work in standard machines as well as high efficiency machines. They are supposed to dissolve quickly in water so therefore it is imperative that you handle them with dry hands. They work on all colors of clothes. However, there has been numerous complaints by some users that it stains white clothes. I can tell you that I personally tested it out for myself my clothes came out fine. I wonder if these particular people used bleach with the pacs because that's what I did.

I would definitely recommend this new line of Tide Stain Release products to friends and family. Heck strangers to. I love Tide!!!!! I have been an avid Tide user for over 10 years and it has never let me down. These pacs helped clean a muddy white uniform shirt that my 8 year old thought was good to use for sliding in the dirt with. Needless to say it has been revived.....thanks to the little orange and white pac. So, from my blog to your brain.......HAPPY WASHING!

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