Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Changes

This is my universal blog. I blog about anything and everything. So, with that being said this is a topic I've wanted to get into for a really long time.....Friends. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I find myself constantly analyzing the people that I have given the title friend. Well, most of the time a friend ends up labeled as an associate. The reason being is that these people simply haven't gotten the idea of friendship down. The people I'm referring to you may be very familiar with. They fall into several different categories.....

1. The Well Wisher:
This is the friend that wishes you well in front of your face all the while they are secretly hoping that things fail.

2. The Imposter:
This is the friend that doesn't have his/her own identity. They are an individual yes but they act and think like you. They dress similar to you, they want to know every minute detail of your life, they look for the same type of jobs, friends, and boyfriends like yours.

3. The One Upper:
He/She has to one up everything that you do. They measure their accomplishments by how far they have surpassed yours. No one said competitiveness was a bad thing but, this person wants to show you up every chance that they get.

4. The Hot Mess a.k.a The Free Loader:
This particular friend has no clue about life. He/She doesn't handle their affairs well at all. They always need something basic we aren't talking about an occasional bill paid here. We are talking about the same crap every month. They dont take care of their children, homes, or themselves. Yet, you being a true friend step in and attempt to assist them. But , in return all you get is a slap in the face. This is the worst type of friendship because it drains you. You feel the strain emotionally , financially, and physically.

5. The Whiner:

He/She whines about life and everything in it. They have zero get up and go about themselves. They suffer from the WHY ME syndrome. They talk for hours about their problems and the problems are redundant. They have made little or no effort to assist themselves in making a change so WHAT CAN YOU DO? Nothing except listen.....but after awhile this friend pushes you into a corner where you just tell them you need to stop whining and take action.

While there are plenty more types of toxic friends I could list I won't. I will say that for 2010 I'm erasing and deleting these type of friends from my life. So, if you don't hear from me please don't be puzzled ......You're bad for my health and my New Year.

~ Miss B

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